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AR-15 Chamber Boss

Real Avid # AVAR15CB |  Item # 017-AVAR15CB
  • AR-15 Chamber Boss
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AR-15 Chamber Boss
by Real Avid

Midsouth now carries the AR-15 Chamber Boss from Real Avid. The AR-15 Chamber Boss has every tool you need to eliminate baked-on carbon from your AR15 chamber. The kit includes star chamber brush, star chamber cleaning pads, chamber carbon scrapper, and AR15 pivot lock. The ergonomic handle has a hidden storage compartment that cleverly stores all the other items in the kit. The handle self-centers inside the upper receiver to perfectly align with the barrel extension lugs. Easily spin the handle while making brushes or cleaning pads make positive contact inside the chamber. Chamber cleaning just got a whole lot easier.


  • Star chamber brush
  • 5 wool star chamber cleaning pads
  • AR15 pivot lock
  • Handle with storage compartment and built in rod

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