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LTO Quest Thermal Viewer

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  • LTO Quest Thermal Viewer
  • LTO Quest Thermal Viewer
  • LTO Quest Thermal Viewer
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LTO Quest Thermal Viewer
by Leupold Optics

Product Overview

Midsouth now offers the LTO Quest Thermal Viewer. The LTO is a hand held powerful thermal imaging system that can also be used as a flashlight putting out 300 lumens of bright light and as a camera. The LTO is perfect for tracking wounded game from as far as 300 meters and has a selectable 8 color pattern display to suit any need. The Quest has a 2.4" display and a 20 yard field of view. From off it start is less than three seconds and the refresh rate is 15 Hz. The Quest LTO will function from -4F up to 140F and can detect a temperature range from -40F to 872F. Specifications and Features:

  • Target Temp On Screen
  • 300 Yard Detection Range
  • Integral Camera
  • 300 Lumens Flashlight
  • 2.4" Display
  • Detects -40F to 872F

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