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13 Piece Phosphor Bronze Brush Set

Tipton # 168577 |  Item # 025-168577
  • 13 Piece Phosphor Bronze Brush Set
  • 13 Piece Phosphor Bronze Brush Set
  • 13 Piece Phosphor Bronze Brush Set
  • tipton
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13 Piece Phosphor Bronze Brush Set

Product Overview:

Tipton Bore Brush Sets are an essential piece of regular firearm maintenance. Conveniently packaged caliber and gauge specific sets of brushes means you always have the right brush at hand. Because they are caliber- and gauge-specific, you can be assured of an optimum fit to your firearm's bore for efficient and thorough cleaning. Contained in a durable hinged box with marked cavities it's easy to select the correct brush for your particular application. Bronze brushes are made from premium phosphor bronze for long life and cleaning power. Threads fit most popular brands of cleaning rods. Rifle set contains 13 caliber specific brushes (17-45 caliber).

Contains 1 each of the following caliber brushes: 17, 20, 22, 6mm, 270, 7mm, 30, 8mm, 338, 35, 40, 416, and 45.

All brushes have 8-32 thread pattern, except for the 17 & 20 caliber brushes, which uses 5-40 threads.

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