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Load & Clean Power Rod

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Load & Clean Power Rod
by Thompson Center

Product Overview

Midsouth offers the Load & Clean Power Rod. The TC Power Rod is an all in one combination loading ram and cleaning rod. The Power Rod can also be stored right under your muzzleloaders barrel to ensure quick and easy access when you need it. A t-Handle is included and folds down to fit into the fore end. The size is universal as you cut it down to fit your particular barrel length up to 28". The 5.5" telescoping section functions as a cleaning rod on muzzle loaders that have a removable breech plug. The Power Rod is threaded a standard 10-32 for all of your jags and cleaning equipment. It also comes with a removable bullet seater.

Specifications and Features

  • Removable Bullet Seater
  • Threaded 10-32
  • Stores Under the Barrel
  • Folding T-Handle
  • Cut to Length up to 28"

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