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54 Caliber Magnum Quick Shot (3-Pack)

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  • 54 Caliber Magnum Quick Shot (3-Pack)
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54 Caliber Magnum Quick Shot (3 Pack)

Holds premeasured powder charge, projectile and priming in a waterproof container. Used with patch and ball, Maxi-Ball or Maxi-Hunter, the Quick Shot™ may be used with either a percussion or flint lock rifle. You simply flip open the waterproof cover. Pour the premeasured powder charge into the barrel. Drive the projectile into the muzzle with your short starter and seat it with your ramrod. The percussion cap (or priming charge) is contained in a separate chamber ready for instant use, and a 209 Primer in recess on top. *Magnum Quick Shots hold premeasured powder charges of up to 150 grains or Black Powder or Pyrodex equivalent - or 3 Pyrodex 50 grain Pellets.

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