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White Hots 50 Caliber 50 Grain 72 Count

IMR # WHP50 |  Item # 034-WHP50
  • White Hots 50 Caliber 50 Grain 72 Count
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White Hots 50 Caliber 50 Grain 72 Count

50 Caliber - 50 Grain Equivalent PURE POWER – PERFORMANCE Fastest Loads – loads exceeding 2,300 fps High Energy Knockdown – up to an amazing 2,600 foot-pounds of bone crushing force Long Range Reach – White Hots allow the most from your rifle

PURE POWER – ACCURATE Flat Shooting – less aim error with distance Shot to Shot Consistency – shoot to the same place every shot Dependable in Extreme Weather – Deer don’t mind the cold, neither should your powder

PURE POWER – EASY LOAD Fastest Reload – patented Pre-Formed charges drop freely down barrel No Fuss – why bother with measures and funnels in the woods? Easy to Carry Hunt Packs – added convenience, one pack covers a day of hunting

PURE POWER – CLEAN Clean Burning – forget about cleaning between every shot Easy Clean-up – water wet patch removes all residue No Strong Smells – so long rotten egg smoke and residue smell

PURE POWER – SURE IGNITION Not Primer Specific – works with all 209 primers Not Breech Specific – ready for use in your 209 ignition rifle

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