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Rotary Pro Media Separator With Brass Sorter

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  • Rotary Pro Media Separator With Brass Sorter
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Rotary Pro Media Separator With Brass Sorter

The Rotary Pro Media Separator with Brass Sorter from Midsouth Reloading separates your brass from your media with no hassle to you! Now with a brass sorter function, you can sort and separate as you need. Just empty your tumbler into the basket, size the sorter to the caliber of brass, and give it a whirl. Within seconds your brass is separated from the media and your calibers are separated too! Calibration of the black basket allows you to change the size of the slots in the rotary basket. Any brass that is a smaller caliber than the size selected on the sorter, will fall through the slots along with your media. The outer clam-shell lid snaps shut to keep the media and dust inside. The enclosed calm-shell lid is large enough to process a full batch off brass right out of the tumbler or convert the housing to fit over a bucket for those extra-large batches. Never again will you have to hand sort an entire bucket of range brass or make a mess using a pan sorter.

Note: Sorts diameters .327"-.592"

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