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Gunsmithing The AR-15 The Bench Manual

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  • Gunsmithing The AR-15 The Bench Manual
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Gunsmithing The AR-15 The Bench Manual
by Krause

Product Overview

Midsouth is proud to offer the Gunsmithing The AR-15; The Bench Manual. The Gunsmithing The AR-15 book is written by Patrick Sweeney and is a perfect follow up to his earlier AR15 books. This volume is perfect for the beginner or the seasoned professional. Sweeney covers nearly every aspect of the AR-15 and how to upgrade her to a match winner or your dream tacti-cool defense weapon.


Gunsmithing The AR-15 by Patrick Sweeney is perfect for a first time builder, a seasoned AR pro or a professional gunsmith that may want to pick up some new tricks. Sweeney covers upgrades and add-ons from the major manufacturers and gives how-to's on all of them.

Specifications and Features:

  • Front to Back How To
  • Written by Master Gunsmith Patrick Sweeney
  • Upgrades and Repairs
  • Tools and Techniques
  • For the Beginner or Professional Smith

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