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Gun Digest Shooters Guide to AKs

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  • Gun Digest Shooters Guide to AKs
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Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to AKs

Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to AKs
  • This is THE essential reference manual for any AK enthusiast, serving as a practical guide for the expert, average or novice shooter or collector who wants to learn the fundamentals of buying, operating, maintaining and accessorizing the AK rifle.
  • Practical application - Proper use and maintenance of the AK rifle.
  • Market insight - What rifle to purchase, where to get it, how much to pay.
  • Accessories - How to accessorize an AK, what to buy, where to get it.
  • Ammunition - Types of ammo, expert advice about what to buy and the results to expect.
MARCO VOROBIEV has written hundreds of articles on AK history, training, practical application, modification and improvement. Born and raised in the Soviet Union, Vorobiev now resides in Ann Arbor, MI.

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