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Handbook of Reloading Basics

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  • Handbook of Reloading Basics
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Handbook of Reloading Basics

Handloading your own ammunition is more popular now than ever before. But if you’ve never tried the hobby, the prospect of buying the right equipment and safely handling the components can be intimidating. Now, with the Gun Digest Handbook of Reloading Basics, authors Robin Sharpless and Rick Sapp take the mystery out of the process and simplify both equipment and practices to get you started.

Inside you’ll find:
  • Advice on single stage and progressive reloading presses
  • Basic tools that get you started
  • Methods for handloading straight-walled and metallic cases, plus standard shotshell reloading practices
  • Tips on powder and primer handling
  • Best practices for metallic case and shotshell care
  • Plus much, much more
With factory ammunition in increasingly short supply, handloading is fast becoming the answer for a new generation of active competitive marksmen, hunters, self-defense practitioners, and hobby shooters. And shooters new to reloading not only find themselves better supplied with enough ammo to keep them on the range and practicing, many also find a way to improve accuracy–and that goes a long way toward improving overall shooting enjoyment and confidence.

For the shooter who’s only heard about handloading but just didn’t know where to start, Gun Digest’s Handbook of Reloading Basics is the first and best way to begin this exciting hobby.

Author: Robin Sharpless

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