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224 Valkyrie Full Length Die Set

RCBS # 11201 |  Item # 044-11201
  • 224 Valkyrie Full Length Die Set
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.224 Valkyrie 2 Die Set

Product Overview

Midsouth now offers the .224 Valkyrie 2 Die Set. The .224 Valkyrie set comes with a Full Length Sizer die and Seater die. The Seating die allows you to properly seat most common bullets to the exact depth and crimps the bullet securely in the case. The sizer dies ensures true full sizing to original manufacturers/SAAMI specifications. These .224 Valkyrie dies are economical, but provide top of the line performance and exacting tolerances. The RCBS dies have a special vent built right in that prevents damaging the cases due to pressure changes.

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Specifications and Features:
  • Returns brass to SAAMI specs
  • Head space to minimum tolerances
  • Built in vent
  • Precision Dies

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