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Medium Rifle Ammo Box (50 Rounds)

RCBS # 86902 |  Item # 044-86902
  • Medium Rifle Ammo Box (50 Rounds)
  • Medium Rifle Ammo Box (50 Rounds)
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Medium Rifle Ammo Box (50 Rounds)

These tough, plastic boxes have flush exteriors with recessed latches. They're designed to stack easily, and feature an anti rattle bullet tip nest, empty case support, and long lasting hinge. Fits Calibers: 22BR, 22 PPC, 22 Sav Hi Pwr, 22-250 Rem, 220 Swift, 243 Win, 6mm BR, 6mm PPC, 6mm Rem, 25-35 Win, 250 Sav, 257 Roberts, 257 Roberts Imp 40, 260 Rem, 6.5x47 Lapua, 6.8 Rem SPC, 284 Win, 7mm BR, 7mm 08, 7-30 Waters, 30 Rem, 30-30 Win, 300 Savage, 307 Win, 308 Win, 308 Mar Exp, 7.62x39, 32 Win Spl, 338 Fed, 348 Win, 35 Rem, 350 Rem Mag, 356 Win, 358 Win, 375 Ruger, 375 Win, 38-55 Win&Ballard,

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