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8567N 28 Gauge Progressive Press

Mec # 8567N28 |  Item # 059-8567N28
  • 8567N 28 Gauge Progressive Press
  • mec-reloading
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8567N 28 Gauge Progressive Press

This Mec 8567N Grabber for sale has everything you need for high-speed, efficient operation and unbeatable precision.

The ten different operations at six stations speedily produce a finished shell with every stroke of the handle. It has a fully automatic primer feed, as well as auto-cycle charging, and our exclusive three-stage crimp.

With Charge Bar, Primer Feed and 3 Bushings #14, #16, and #21

Superior engineering and unique versatility is exhibited in the 8567N Grabber. Optional kits to load 3" shells (not available in .410 gauge) and steel shot mark this reloader as the ultimate in its field. This 28 gauge progressive shotshell reloading press resizes high and low base shells.

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