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RWS Shooter Kit .177 Caliber

RWS # 2201125 |  Item # 062-2201125
  • RWS Shooter Kit .177 Caliber
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RWS Shooter Kit .177 Caliber

Everything you need to shoot and maintain that airgun in one package.

Kit includes:
  • 3-piece cleaning rod
  • 1/2 oz. RWS Chamber Lube
  • 1 oz. RWS Spring Cylinder Oil
  • .177 Caliber Cleaning Jag
  • .177 Caliber Cleaning Brush
  • 10 each 4X4 targets
  • 250 count tin of RWS Superdome Pellets
  • 25 each .177 Caliber Cleaning Pellets

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