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30mm RWS C Mount 1 Piece

RWS # 2300597 |  Item # 062-2300597
  • 30mm RWS C Mount 1 Piece
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30mm RWS C Mount 1 Piece

The RWS Lock Down is the ultimate in scope mount design for today’s magnum spring guns. The mount utilizes a generous quantity of 4 mounting lug screws to ensure an extremely rigid fit. The RWS Lock Down is designed with 2 recoil pins to provide extreme holding power. The Lock Down Mount has been tested on the fixed-barrel side cocking RWS rifles with great success. The new RWS Lock Down mount is an excellent addition to the RWS line of premium products and will make scope mounting a simple task.
  • High grade aircraft aluminum
  • Four large lug screws hold mount to rifle's grooves
  • Easy Mounting
  • Accomodates 1 inch scope tubes
  • Manufactured to account for RWS Barrel Deflectionake scope mounting a simple task.

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