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Compact CFR Rangemaster 1600 B

Leica # 40534 |  Item # 068-40534
  • Compact CFR Rangemaster 1600 B
  • Compact CFR Rangemaster 1600 B
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Compact CFR Rangemaster 1600 B

Every precise shot relies on knowing the precise distance! A rangefinder is an invaluable part of your equipment for safe and ethical shooting. And now, Leica is redefining safety and precision - with the CRF 1600-B. Never before has rangefinding been possible with such precision. Never before have people been able to calculate and apply the important ballistic data so easily and so quickly. In the calculation of the ballistic curve, the newly developed ABCTM ballistic program integrates data for the angle of declination, temperature and barometric pressure.

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