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Quick Change Jaws for Co-Ax Press S-Small

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  • Quick Change Jaws for Co-Ax Press S-Small
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Quick Change Jaws for Co-Ax Press S-Small
by Forster

Midsouth now carries the Quick Change Jaws S-Small by Forster for the Forster Co-Ax Press. While there is a case in the Quick-change Lower Shell Holder Jaws, it i supported by spring-loaded jaws that contact the base of the cannelure for more positive extraction. The jaws are also self acting, so when a cartridge is placed in the die and the handle of the Co-Ax Press is activated, the jaws can open and close on the cartridge case. When the handle is raised, the jaws automatically open and release the case. With Quick-change Jaws, you simply remove the 10-24 x 5/8" Button Head Screws and replace the jaws to get ready for the next size of case and die. There's no need to take apart the Shell Holder Jaws; swap or flip sides and spring-load the jaws; and reassemble.

  • Quick-change Jaws save you a ton of time whether you are changing calibers that require turning the jaws 180 degrees or when switching from "S" to "LS"
  • They avoid frustration as you no longer have to worry about accidentally losing a spring or misplacing your extra set of jaws
  • They "foolproof" the changeover and prevent anyone from inadvertently putting the wear plate on backwards or flipping over a jaw the wrong way

Specifications & Features:
  • S-Small: Holds .343" to .422" rim
  • Case Compatibility for Popular Rifle Calibers Include: 221 Remington, 32 Winchester Self-Loading, 9mm Winchester, 351 Winchester Self-Loading, 17 Remington, 222 Remington, 222 Remington Magnum, 223 Remington, 5.6 x 50 Magnum, 221 Remington Fireball, 30 Lugar, 30 Carbine, 32 Smith & Wesson, 32 Smith & Wesson Long (32 Colt New Police), 32 Short Colt, 32 Long Colt, 32 Automatic (.32 ACP), 9mm Lugar (9mm Parabellum), 380 Automatic (380 ACP, 9mm Kurz, 9mm Corto, 9mm Short), 38 Automatic (.38 ACP), 38 Super Automatic, 30 Remington, 32 Remington, 25 Automatic (.25 ACP), 22 Hornet, & 218 Bee.

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