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Quick Change Jaws for Co-Ax Press LS-Small

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  • Quick Change Jaws for Co-Ax Press LS-Small
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Quick Change Jaws for Co-Ax Press LS-Small
by Forster

Midsouth now carries the Quick Change Jaws LS-Small by Forster for the Forster Co-Ax Press. While there is a case in the Quick-change Lower Shell Holder Jaws, it i supported by spring-loaded jaws that contact the base of the cannelure for more positive extraction. The jaws are also self acting, so when a cartridge is placed in the die and the handle of the Co-Ax Press is activated, the jaws can open and close on the cartridge case. When the handle is raised, the jaws automatically open and release the case. With Quick-change Jaws, you simply remove the 10-24 x 5/8" Button Head Screws and replace the jaws to get ready for the next size of case and die. There's no need to take apart the Shell Holder Jaws; swap or flip sides and spring-load the jaws; and reassemble.

  • Quick-change Jaws save you a ton of time whether you are changing calibers that require turning the jaws 180 degrees or when switching from "S" to "LS"
  • They avoid frustration as you no longer have to worry about accidentally losing a spring or misplacing your extra set of jaws
  • They "foolproof" the changeover and prevent anyone from inadvertently putting the wear plate on backwards or flipping over a jaw the wrong way

Specifications & Features:
  • LS-Small: Holds .312" to .375" rim
  • Case Compatibility for Popular Rifle Calibers Include: 25 Automatic (.25 ACP) & 22 Hornet

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