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Ball Starter

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Ball Starter

Product Overview

Midsouth is proud to offer the Claybusters/Harvester Ball Starter. The Ball Starter and Palm saver is a uniquely designed bullet starter for muzzle loaders. The Ball Starter is made from a super tough polycarbonate alloy that resists chipping, cracking and breakage very well. The Ball Starter comes complete and includes a 50 cal Jag also. The Ball Starter is produced to allow the shooter to load any caliber between .45 and .58. When the Ball Starter is used with a ramrod, the pall saver will protect your hand from injury.


The Claybusters/Harvester Ball Starter is designed to protect your hand and allow you to load muzzle loader bullets from .45 to .58 caliber. Made from polycarbonate alloy, the Ball Starter is rugged and tough.

Specifications and Features:

  • Made from Polycarbonate Alloy
  • Starts Balls and Protects the Hand
  • .45 to .58 Caliber

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