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Ball Starter & Palm Saver

Harvester # H100 |  Item # 072-H100
  • Ball Starter & Palm Saver
  • Ball Starter & Palm Saver
  • Ball Starter & Palm Saver
  • harvester-muzzleloading
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Ball Starter & Palm Saver

Product Overview

The Ball Starter and Palm saver is a uniquely designed bullet starter for muzzle loaders. The Ball Starter is made from a super tough polycarbonate alloy that resists chipping, cracking, and breakage very well. The Ball Starter comes complete and includes a 50 cal Jag. It is produced to allow the shooter to load any caliber between .45 and .58. Two-in-one tool starts the bullet and protects the palm when used with ram rod.


  • Made from Polycarbonate Alloy
  • Starts Balls and Protects the Hand
  • .45 to .58 Caliber

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