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24 Nosler Type S-Match Full Die Set

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  • 24 Nosler Type S-Match Full Die Set
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24 Nosler Type S-Match Full Die Set

Product Overview

Midsouth now offers the 24 Nosler Type S-Match Full Die Set. The Type S Match dies allow you to full length resize while maintaining precise control of the case neck in one operation. The 24 Nosler Type S - gives you the control and precision without over stressing the brass or growing the neck. These dies use the same interchangeable bushings as those used in other Redding Bushing Style Neck Sizing Dies. You must determine the bushing size(s) you need and order them separately. This set includes the Competition Seating die as well for absolute control of the seating depth for your cartridges. The 24 Nosler Die set will ensure that you get the maximum performance from your hand loaded cartridges.

Specifications and Features:

  • Adjustable Decapping for Bushing Position
  • Full Length Sizing
  • Supplied with a Standard Size Button
  • Can Remove Bushing and as a Body Die

*NOTE Bushings not included. The easiest way to determine the proper bushing size for your cartridge is to measure the neck diameter of several loaded or dummy rounds. (These dummy cartridges can be loaded with your old set of dies or a borrowed set.) Then, simply subtract 0.001" from the cartridge that had the smallest average measurement. This will allow for a slight amount of spring back and create a proper press fit for the bullet.

*Please note* All defective returns must be made through Redding directly. You can visit their website by Clicking Here or call them at (607) 753-3331.

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