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257 Roberts Type-S Elite Bushing Die Set

Redding # 60125 |  Item # 076-60125
  • 257 Roberts Type-S Elite Bushing Die Set
  • redding-reloading
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257 Roberts Type-S Elite Bushing Die Set
by Redding

Midsouth now carries the 257 Roberts Type-S Elite Bushing Die Set. The 257 Roberts Type-S Elite Bushing Die Set is comprised of a Type S Bushing Full Die, A Type S Bushing Neck Die and the unparalleled Redding Competition Seating Die. All Type-S dies use an interchangeable bushing to control neck diameter and tension to an increment of 0.001. Bushings are available in hardened steel but also are available with a TIN (Titanium Nitride) coating for even greater lubricity. This allows the handloader complete control and precision when setting the appropriate neck tension without fear of over working the brass in the case neck. These bushings are also free-floating to self- center on the case neck for a higher degree of sizing accuracy. These features provide not only an enhanced degree of control but significant improvements to consistency and accuracy of the final loaded rounds.


  • Type S Bushing Full Sizing Die
  • Type S Bushing Neck Sizing Die
  • Competition Seating Die

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