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300 Norma Mag Full Length Die Set

By: Redding  |  Item # 076-80928
  • 300 Norma Mag Full Length Die Set
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300 Norma Mag Full Length Die Set

Product Overview Midsouth now offers the 300 Norma Mag Full Length Die Set. The 300 Norma Mag full length die sets for bottleneck cases contain two dies. The full length resizing die contains a decapping rod assembly with a neck expander size button. The seating die includes bullet guide, built-in crimp ring and the proper seating plug. Specification and Features:

  • Two Die Set
  • Seating Die
  • Decapping/Sizing Die

*Please note* All defective returns must be made through Redding directly. You can visit their website by Clicking Here or call them at (607) 753-3331.

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