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224 Valkyrie Deluxe Die Set

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  • 224 Valkyrie Deluxe Die Set
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224 Valkyrie Deluxe Die Set

Product Overview

Midsouth now offers the 224 Valkyrie Deluxe Die Set. The Deluxe die set allows you to either full or neck size and decap the case in one smooth motion. The 224 Valkyrie has an adjustable decapping rod that also incorporates a neck expander ball or "size button". The seating die had a bullet guide and a factory crimp ring that will allow you to perfectly seat your bullets and maintain critical concentricity. Each set of Deluxe Dies also has the proper seating plug to make sure your bullets are seated correctly each and every time.

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Specifications and Features:

  • Adjustable Decapping Rod
  • Size Button
  • Proper Seating Plug
  • Neck and Full Sizing Dies

*Please note* All defective returns must be made through Redding directly. You can visit their website by Clicking Here or call them at (607) 753-3331.

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