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Shooter Muff Electronic

Radians # 230EHP |  Item # 077-230EHP
  • Shooter Muff Electronic
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Shooter Muff Electronic
by Radians

Midsouth now carries the Shooter Muff Electronic from Radians. Radians 230-EHP Slim Dual Electronic Earmuff - Black - Radians 230-EHP is a low-profile electronic sound amplification earmuff. Dual independent microphones pick up and amplify low sound level noises, electronic circuitry protects from dangerous impulse noises of the shooting sports.

Specifications and Features:

  • Slim Cup For Gun Stock Clearance
  • Cuts Sounds Over 85 dB
  • Dual Microphones
  • Single On/Off Amplification Knob
  • Compact Folding Headband

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