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Chrony LED Lamp

Shooting Chrony # 110 |  Item # 084-110
  • Chrony LED Lamp
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Chrony LED Lamp

Product Overview

Midsouth offers the Chrony LED Lamp. This LED lamp style chronograph is the perfect addition to your work bench. The Chrony LED allows you to shoot and record velocities in almost any lighting conditions. Even on cloudy days, in the shade or when it is starting to get dark, the Chrony LED allows you to capture that important shooting data. The Chrony comes complete with Diffusers, a set of 16" Wire-Rods and a 120V/220VAC adapter included (12VDC output @500mA).

Specifications and Features:

  • Works Well in Low Light
  • Complete Kit
  • 120V/220VAC Adapter Included

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