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L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer Kit Stainless Steel

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  • L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer Kit Stainless Steel
  • L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer Kit Stainless Steel
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L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer Kit Stainless Steel

This case trimmer is known for trimming cases to very consistent lengths with very square case mouths. Precision shooters know that consistency is key to shooting the smallest groups possible so being able to have a tool that provides accurate, reliable, consistent results is a valuable tool to have mounted on the reloading bench.

The Stainless Steel case trimmer is unique because each case is supported in the trimmer by special case holders that simulate a rifle chamber. Because of this design the cases is supported by the case body helping to ensure cases are trimmed square and to the desired length each time they are trimmed. The trimmer will also perform inside neck and primer pocket reaming with the optional attachments. This trimmer will handle cases from 17 caliber to 45-70 caliber cases. 17 caliber cases do require a cutter (Not Included). For proper use the trimmer should be mounted in a vise, or on the L.E. Wilson Trimmer Stand (Not Included). Additional features include a positive stop to trim cases to a uniform length and solid construction from aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

Technical Information:
-Base Length: 5-1/4"
-Material: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel
-Features: Case trimmer supports the case body with cartridge specific case holders (sold separately) which simulates the chamber of the firearm.

L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer Kit Includes:
-L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer
-L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer Stand
-L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer Stand Case Holder Clamp

Place the case in the Trimmer Case Holder (Not Included), tap the case head on a firm surface, and place in the trimmer. Remove the case by tapping the case mouth. Cartridges with minimal body taper may require different Trimmer Case Holders for fired and new cases. Q-Type Trimmer Case Holders hold the handgun case with an easy to use cross pin and cannot be used with the Case Holder Clamp.
Trimmer Case Holders are sold separately.

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