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XLA 9"-13" M-LOK KeyMod Bipod

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  • XLA 9"-13" M-LOK KeyMod Bipod
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XLA 9"-13" M-LOK KeyMod Bipod
by Caldwell Shooting Supplies

Product Overview

Midsouth now offers the XLA 9"-13" M-LOK/KeyMod Bipod. The Caldwell XLA Bipod is a great addition to any rifle that requires a solid, stable shooting platform. The XLA is specifically designed to attach to either a M-LOK or Keymod style handguard using an adapter. The M-LOK/KeyMod XLA is constructed of high strength aluminum for long lasting durability. The legs quickly extend with spring assist and have soft rubber feet for a firm purchase on a wide variety of surfaces. Additionally the leg can be adjusted to several heights from 9"-13"so that the shooter can be comfortable in most any situation. The XLA Fixed uses a unique locking mechanism to attach the bipod to the handguard. The legs can be folded to the front or the rear, depending upon installation for easy transport and storage.


The Caldwell XLA 9"-13" M-LOK/KeyMod Bipod is designed from heavy duty aluminum and has rubber feet to ensure a good solid shooting platform. The XLA attaches to any M-LOK or Keymod handguard with a type specific adapter. The Bipod has spring loaded legs for rapid deployment and can be folded to reduce the signature and size for storage or transport.

Specifications and Features:
  • Mounts to Keymod or M-LOK Handguards
  • Spring Loaded, Adjustable for Height Legs
  • Foldable
  • Soft Rubber Feet
  • Strong, Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Collapsible for transporting while attach to your firearm

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