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Stable Table Lite

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  • Stable Table Lite
  • Stable Table Lite
  • Stable Table Lite
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Stable Table Lite
by Caldwell Shooting Supplies

Product Overview

Midsouth now offers the Caldwell Stable Table Lite. The Caldwell Stable Table is a great portable shooting bench that you can use in the back yard or at the range. The Caldwell Stable Table Lite is designed to fold up into a small and easy to transport shooting bench. This is a terrific solution to those that do not want a permanent structure but platform a place to zero scopes or use other shooting accessories like a chronograph. The unique two piece design allows you to break it down for transportation or storage with a small footprint. The high strength aluminum legs and steel fixtures will ensure longevity and many years of use.


The Caldwell Stable Table Lite is a great shooting accessory for shooters that do not have a set location where they enjoy their sport. The Stable Table can be folded up and moved easily, yet provides a solid shooting platform when in use. The seat and bench set up allow you to shoot free hand, or attach a shooting sled or rest.

Specifications and Features:
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Fold and Store
  • Soft Rubber Feet
  • Strong, Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Sturdy Top with Ample Room
  • Robust Seat can hold Up to 275lbs

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