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Brass Retriever

Caldwell # 125789 |  Item # 094-125789
  • Brass Retriever
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Brass Retriever

Product Overview:

Spend less time bending over and picking up brass at the range and more time shooting. The Caldwell Brass Retriever picks up brass saving your back and time. Now picking up spent brass is as easy as pushing a mop. The Brass Retriever can pick up rifle and pistol brass quickly and efficiently. The Brass Retriever works any where, even on grass and gravel. The retriever comes complete with a roll cage separator that allows you to dump the collected brass into a bucket quickly. It is collapsible as well, making it convenient to transport to and from the range.

Expands from 28" up to 57" tall.


  • Designed to Pick up Brass Easily
  • Aluminum Construction
  • End Caps Open to Empty the Brass

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