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Claymore Pullpup Clay Target Thrower

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  • Claymore Pullpup Clay Target Thrower
  • Claymore Pullpup Clay Target Thrower
  • Claymore Pullpup Clay Target Thrower
  • Claymore Pullpup Clay Target Thrower
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Claymore Pullpup Clay Target Throwerr

Product Overview:

The Caldwell Claymore PullPup brings the power of a traditional clay target thrower and packs it into a compact handheld unit. The PullPup can launch standard, midi, and mini clay targets over 55 yards; right on par with larger standard clay throwers. Dual grip safeties ensure that both hands are properly placed out of the path of the target and arm when released.

With its handheld design, the thrower can easily change the angle of the target at will, allowing shooters to practice different angles and test their skills. A clip on the arm holds the target in place allowing the PullPup to launch targets off-camber, for both traditional angles and on-edge target presentations. An open-front design allows for quick and easy clearing of any targets that may break while throwing without taking the thrower apart in the field. The Caldwell Claymore PullPup will bring another level of fun to your range trips for both the trapper and the shooters.


  • Adjust angles on the fly with handheld operation
  • Built in grip safeties keep hands clear of thrower
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • Launch all sizes of targets

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