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Tack Driver Shooting Bag Filled

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  • Tack Driver Shooting Bag Filled
  • Tack Driver Shooting Bag Filled
  • Tack Driver Shooting Bag Filled
  • Tack Driver Shooting Bag Filled
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Tack Driver Shooting Bag Filled
by Caldwell Shooting Supplies

Product Overview

Midsouth offers the Tack Driver Shooting Bag Filled. The Caldwell Tack Driver Shooting Bag is a great portable shooting bag that offers a very stable platform. This Caldwell shooting bag is a combination of two bags sewn together to form a convenient single bag that supports like two bags. To prevent the common problems with sand filled bags, the Tack Driver is filled with corn cob media. This both supports the firearm and keeps the weight down in a stable platform. The Tack Driver has a non-marring exterior that will not harm your rifle and a non-slip surface to ensure no movement.


The Tack Driver shooting bag is designed to support nearly any rifle or shotgun without slipping or moving. The no slip and no mark exterior will keep the Tack Driver in place while allowing you to shoot fully supported. This shooting bag is filled with corn cob media to avoid the inherent problems with sand and will keep the bag light weight.

Specifications and Features:
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Store
  • No Mar Exterior
  • Filled with Corn Cob Media
  • No Slip

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