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Champion 100YD Sight In Large Orange Bull 12 Pack

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  • Champion 100YD Sight In Large Orange Bull 12 Pack
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Champion 100YD Sight In Large Orange Bull 12pk

The Bright fluorescent colors make it easier to pick out your mark and know where you hit. A "built-in" record-keeping section lets you track vital data to refine your loads and zero-in on tight groups. Available for rifles, pistols, and airguns.

Similar to the VisiShot, VisiColor, and ShotKeeper series of targets, the Champion Score Keeper target family also uses bright fluorescent colors (excluding models that are predominantly black and white) to facilitate fast and accurate shot placement verification. At the bottom of the target there is a record-keeping or qualification rating section which allows the shooter to track vital reloading, zeroing and or performance data. This model is available for rifles, pistols, and air-guns.

Technical Information:
-Color(s):White, orange, green
-Dimensions: 14" x 18"
-Material: High-quality, durable paper
-Pattern: Multiple ringed circles (Bull eyes) with grid overlay
-Shot Placement Indicator: Bright, contrasting colors make bullet hole easily visible
-Type: Rifle, zeroing
-Quantity: 12
-Origin: USA

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