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Camp Axe 3-1/2" High Carbon Steel Blade With Sheath

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  • Camp Axe 3-1/2" High Carbon Steel Blade With Sheath
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Camp Axe 3-1/2" High Carbon Steel Blade With Sheath

Like the knife, the ax or hachet is one of mankind’s earliest tools. We’ve been using it to shape, split, and cut wood for millennia. Essentially, the ax is a wedge with a sharp, double-beveled edge, called the “bit.” The wedge shape reduces the force needed when chopping because it naturally splits the wood by the pressure concentrated at the bit.

The handle provides additional leverage—again, making it easier to chop and split wood for that all-important campfire. The Kershaw Camp Ax is drop forged in a single piece. This means that the hot steel has been hammered (by “dropping” the hammer) into the ax-shaped die in order to create the tool’s shape. The process of drop forging improves the strength of the steel by aligning and stretching its grain structure. Your Kershaw Camp Ax is a strong, reliable tool.

For a secure grip, the Kershaw Camp Ax has non-slip, textured handle over-mold. It comes with a handy wrist cord attached as well as a sheath for the ax head. In addition to its work chopping and splitting wood, the back of the ax is wide enough for hammering text pegs into the gro

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