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#7 Standard Front Bag - Unfilled

Protektor # 7 |  Item # 103-7
  • #7 Standard Front Bag - Unfilled
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#7 Standard Front Bag - Unfilled

Product Overview:

The original #7 Standard Front Bag was invented by Protektor Model founder Basil Tuller in 1938. This front bag was designed to be combined with a Rabbit or Bunny Ear Rear Bag. Is the perfect combination for sighting in rifles or shooting ranges up to 200 yards. The bag measures 4" H from bottom to top of saddle where the forend of the rifle rests and is approximately 2" in-between the ears. A base or block of wood 6" W x 6" L x 2" to 3" H is used under the bag. Made in USA 100%.

Unfilled bag does NOT include sand.

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