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7mm .284 Diameter 140 Grain AccuBond 50 Count

Nosler # 59992 |  Item # 115-59992
  • 7mm .284 Diameter 140 Grain AccuBond 50 Count
  • 7mm .284 Diameter 140 Grain AccuBond 50 Count
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7mm .284 Diameter 140 Grain AccuBond 50 Count

Product Overview:

Through an exclusive bonding process that eliminates voids in the bullet core, AccuBond couples Nosler's proven copper-alloy jacket with its special lead-alloy core. The result is a bullet that flies true, penetrates deep, and retains its weight, without causing extensive barrel fouling. The unique white polymer tip resists deforming and initiates expansion on impact. Nosler's Solid Base at the rear of the bullet acts as a platform for large diameter mushrooms.


  • Boat Tail Design
  • High Weight Retention
  • Proprietary Bonding Technology
  • Deep Penetration
  • Ballistic Coefficient: 0.485 (G1)
  • Sectional Density: 0.248

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