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Window Mount

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Window Mount
by Nikon Optics

Product Overview

Midsouth is proud to offer the Nikon Window Mount. The Nikon Window Mount is Designed to mounted directly onto your automobile window to give you a stable platform for mounting cameras, Range Finders, and Spotting Scopes. The Nikon Window Mount can be used to secure and mount any item that fits on a standard style tripod. The Nikon Window Mount has a comfort grip handle for making larger and fast adjustments and a friction lock to slow the movements. Attachment of the Window Mount is easy with a large knob for easy installation.


The Nikon Window Mount is perfect for shooters and camera buffs alike. The Window Mount is easy and fast to install with its large knob and will not slip once tightened down. The Nikon Window mount accepts all standard thread. Rugged High Impact Polymer construction.

Specifications and Features:

  • Standard Size Attachment
  • Easy Maneuvering with Handle
  • Large Knob for Install and Remove
  • Rugged Construction

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