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Fiocchi 44 Magnum 240 Grain Jacketed Soft Point 50 Rounds

Fiocchi Ammunition # 44A500 |  Item # 136-44A500
  • Fiocchi 44 Magnum 240 Grain Jacketed Soft Point 50 Rounds
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Fiocchi 44 Magnum 240 Grain Jacketed Soft Point 50 Rounds
by Fiocchi

Serious defense practitioners understand that personal safety requires 24/7 vigilance in all environments. From deep concealment micro pistols and snub-nose revolvers for discrete public carry to defensive rifles and shotguns in the home or on the road. Filling all those magazines and cylinders with reliable-performing defensive ammunition can be expensive, especially when dealing with multiple calibers and chamber gauges. With a focus on jacketed and semi-jacketed hollow points, buckshot, and slugs, the Defense Dynamics line delivers professional results for price-conscious defensive ammunition.


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