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Mark 4 Torque Wrench

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  • Mark 4 Torque Wrench
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Mark 4 Torque Wrench
by Leupold Optics

Product Overview

Midsouth now offers the Leupold Mark 4 Torque Wrench. The Mark 4 Torque Wrench is a revolutionary design that eliminates the guess work of torqueing down your mounting hardware for Leupold Scope Rings. The Mark 4 Torque Wrench is pre-set to 65 Inch pounds to ensure a tight and no-slip mounting of your scope. The Mark 4 Torque Wrench from Leupold can also be used to remove your rings without damaging the wrench.

Specifications and Features:
  • Small and Handy with Plenty of Torque
  • Pre-set to 65 Inch Pounds
  • Install and Remove Hardware

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