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.22-.264 Caliber Cleaning Kit With Sectional Rod

Montana Extreme # 9107 |  Item # 165-9107
  • .22-.264 Caliber Cleaning Kit With Sectional Rod
  • .22-.264 Caliber Cleaning Kit With Sectional Rod
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.22-.264 Caliber Cleaning Kit With Sectional Rod

  • Four-Piece Rod - Constructed of heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel with centerless ground shaft that will not pick up grit and dirt. Hardened steel pre-loaded bearing system eliminates galling and wear. Solid aluminum, comfort-fit anodized handle.
  • Montana X-Treme Bore Solvent (2 oz)
  • Montana X-Treme Gun Oil (2 oz)
  • .22 caliber jag and brush
  • Highest quality 100% cotton flannel patches
  • Cleaning tools - stainless steel pick and scraper for tough carbon deposits, two double-ended brushes (brass and stiff nylon), and pipets

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