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Lapua Ammunition 338 Lapua Magnum 250 Grain Scenar OTM 10 Rounds

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  • Lapua Ammunition 338 Lapua Magnum 250 Grain Scenar OTM 10 Rounds
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338 Lapua Magnum 250 Grain Scenar OTM 10 Rounds
By Lapua

Product Overview

Midsouth is proud to offer Lapua 338 Lapua Magnum 250 Grain Scenar OTM 10 Rounds Grain Scenar Long Range (L) Open Tip Match (OTM) in a convenient 10 round box. This is brand new production ammunition from Lapua. Lapua cases are scientifically designed and produced to ensure multiple reloading's without case, neck or body changes. The Lapua 338 Lapua Magnum cases are World renowned for their concentricity and strength. The tight dimensions of the Lapua cases mean no primer pocket problems and due the hard draw on the original case, they may be reloaded many times. The wall thickness is very precisely controlled which ensures that the brass is very concentric from lot to lot. The Scenar bullet is a long distance match grade, boat tail open tip (hollow point). The bullets have an exceptionally high ballistic coefficient ensuring success on the range.


The Lapua 338 Lapua Magnum in a 250 grain Scenar OTM is purpose built for long range engagements. This cartridge has exceptionally tight tolerances for the brass and bullets down to the tight dimensions of the primer pocket. The brass is designed to perform well and is reloadable multiple times. This ammunition is designed to give excellent results on the bench and in the field.

Specifications and Features:

  • Hard Drawn Cases for maximum strength
  • Controlled Wall Thickness for Concentricity
  • May be Reloaded Multiple Times
  • 250gr Boat Tail Open Tip Match
  • Ballistic Coefficient: (G1) 0.648
  • Ballistic Coefficient: (G7) 0.322

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