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Ballistol Multi- Purpose Oil 16 Fl Oz

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  • Ballistol Multi- Purpose Oil 16 Fl Oz
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Ballistol Sportsman's Oil 16 Fl Oz

One of the most astonishing features of Ballistol Multi-Purpose Sportsman's Oil is its versatility. There are other products on the market, but none have the same wide range of applications and capabilities as Ballistol.

Ballistol can be used to lubricate, penetrate, clean, protect, and preserve firearms, leather, knives, marine equipment, fishing gear, tools, locks, wood, metal, rubber, and so much more.

  • Cleans & dissolves traces of copper, lead, brass, zinc, & tombac
  • Lubricates & protects firearms, lock, stock & barrel
  • Forms a film that protects against rust
  • Will never gum-up or harden
  • Ideal for pistol grips, & rifle stocks
Black Powder:
  • Dissolves black powder residues
  • Emulsifies with water
  • Mildly alkaline, neutralizes acids
  • Excellent patch lube
  • Use on boots, shoes, gloves, holsters, slings, & saddles
  • Protects leather against water
  • Keeps leather soft & pliable, will darken lighter colors
  • Do not use on suede
Knives & Tools:
  • Lubricates, cleans, & protects metal, plastic, rubber, & wood
  • Outstanding penetrating oil, creeps into the finest cracks, loosens nuts & bolts
  • Also use as a cutting/boring oil (20:1)
  • Use in motor compartments, on joints, links, wire pulls, & around battery terminals
  • Protects electrical contacts
  • Beautifies faded gel coats
  • Lubricates zippers, push buttons, & winches
  • Great for fishing rods, reels, & tackle
  • Protects Aluminum, prevents pitting
Road & Trail:
  • Lubricates autos, motorcycles, bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, skis, & sports equipment
  • Protects all camping gear

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