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Paramount ELR Loading Tip

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  • Paramount ELR Loading Tip
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Paramount ELR Loading Tip
by CVA

Midsouth now carries the Paramount ELR Loading Tip. The Paramount ELR Loading Tip is designed for use with any ramrod or starter (10-32 thread) and fits Powerbelt ELR bullets & all .45 Cal bullets. The extended ballistic tip of the ELR bullet requires a loading tip with a deeper recess to ensure proper alignment and to protect the ballistic tip from being crushed during loading. The ELR loading tip serves both of these functions and is highly recommended for anyone shooting ELR bullets out of any .45 caliber rifle. The ELR loading tip is milled out of brass to ensure the barrel of any muzzleloader does not get scratched when using the loading tip. Additionally, the loading tip features 10/32 threads so it can be used with most ramrods and bullet starters on the market today.

When it comes to accuracy proper alignment and ballistic integrity of the bullet is absolutely vital. The CVA Paramount ELR Loading Tip is the right tool for use with ELR bullets in any application. Ensure you are ready for trips afield and at the range with the Paramount™ ELR Loading Tip.


  • 10-32 Thread
  • Brass

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