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Flush-Out Aerosol Safety Cleaner-DeGreaser 18oz. Can

Sharp Shoot R # WFL180 |  Item # 216-WFL180
  • Flush-Out Aerosol Safety Cleaner-DeGreaser 18oz. Can
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Flush-Out Aerosol Safety Cleaner-DeGreaser 18oz. Can

Product Overview:

FLUSH-OUT solves problems associated with most aerosol cleaner degreasers. The vast majority of aerosol cleaner degreasers on the market contain "tri"-chlorinated solvents, which can be very dangerous for anyone using them. The use of Tri-Chloro-Ethane (CAS #1-1-1) and Tri-chlor-ethelyne or any of the "TRI-CHLORINATED" solvents are much more dangerous to the end user. This and most of the chemicals in the related family are extremely dangerous to use. They are absorbed into the liver and kidneys through the skin upon immediate contact.

Flush-Out is recommended for cleaning and degreasing to remove dirt, unburnt powder, carbon residue, smokeless or black powder residue, grease, grit, sand, primer residue, oils, and wax.

Works great for power tools, generators, electrical contact points, lawn mowers, tractors, all terrain vehicles, motorcycles, and more!

Formulated with several criteria in mind:

  • User Safety - skin contact, inhalation, eye contact, etc.
  • Cleaning and degreasing properties
  • Flammability - Flush-Out is totally non-flammable
  • Controlled drying time allows for a more complete flushing action

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