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1 Piece Smith & Wesson Base for K,L,N Frame Matte

Warne # M629M |  Item # 223-M629M
  • 1 Piece Smith & Wesson Base for K,L,N Frame Matte
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1 Piece Smith & Wesson Base for K,L,N Frame Matte

The Maxima Multi-Sight System has a proven track record for success. Hugely popular with the Smith & Wesson K, L, N and X frame revolvers, the Maxima line also includes the Dan Wesson large frame 445 Supermag. Warne’s unique Maxima Multi-Sight Systems allow for a variety of sighting combinations. The user may choose between optics, iron sights and quick acquisition sights without the loss of zero. The Maxima MSS also permits the optical sights to be quickly removed, allowing use of the integrated factory iron sights. A shooter may have several sighting systems, ammunition types and multiple sighted-in distances for each - ready to go. Whether you’re hunting, at target practice, using separate loads or protecting yourself, your hunting handgun’s sight limitations are eliminated with the use of the Maxima Multi-Sight System.

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