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Browning Flexible Dehumidifier

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  • Browning Flexible Dehumidifier
  • Browning Flexible Dehumidifier
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Browning Flexible Dehumidifier

by Browning

Product Overview

Midsouth now offers the Browning Flexible Dehumidifier. The Browning Flexible Dehumidifier is perfect for use in restricted spaces such as gun safes and gun cabinets. The unique design of the Flexible Dehumidifier allow you to place it in nearly any area you would store your firearms. The electrical plug can be removed for installation. Red LED light will illuminate when emptying is required. The electrical cord must be connected for dehumidifier to operate.

Specifications and Features:
  • Weighs 1 Pound
  • Black Plastic Outer Shell
  • Removable Electric Plug
  • Red LED Full Indicator Light

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