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Browning Primal Scalpel

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  • Browning Primal Scalpel
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Browning Primal Scalpel

Big game or small, the tough work begins at the end of a successful hunt. Field dressing takes a toll on the blade of your knife as cutting through tough hide, carving thick muscle and nicking bones can rapidly dull your edge, making this chore even more difficult and time consuming. While it's easy enough to carry a sharpening rod and keep your blade touched up, the edge is never as sharp as it was when you started. The Primal Scalpel was developed to ensure that you always have access to a razor-sharp edge to make every cut effective through the use of readily-available, stainless steel scalpel blades (sizes: #60A, 21, 22, 24). The liner lock keeps the blade secure and the polymer handle has rubber overmolds for enhanced grip. The combination of the scalpel blades and polymers make for a lightweight, easy to use knife that minimizes hand fatigue. Included with the Primal Scalpel are 10 replacement #60A blades, a blade installation/removal tool that doubles as extra blade storage.

Features Include:
  • Uses readily available, replaceable scalpel blades
  • Durable polymer handle scales with rubber overmold
  • Lightweight design reduces hand fatigue
  • Anti-skid grooves for precise control
  • Pocket clip
  • Thumb stud

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