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Delta Series AR Carbon Multi-Scraper

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  • Delta Series AR Carbon Multi-Scraper
  • Delta Series AR Carbon Multi-Scraper
  • wheeler-engineering
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Delta Series AR Carbon Multi-Scraper
by Wheeler Engineering

Product Overview

Midsouth offers the Wheeler Delta Series AR Carbon Multi-Scraper. This tool is designed and engineered to make removing carbon build up on your gas system easy and fast. The Multi-Scraper folds up into a perfectly compact package and can be stored inside most AR pistol grips or in a small compartment of your range box. The tools are stainless steel coated for durability and longevity. The Carbon Scraper has 11 different tools in one to make quick work of all your cleaning requirements.

Cleans the following areas: Cam Pin, Large Diameter Firing Pin, Bolt Face, Cotter Pin Removal Tool, Boat Tool Shoulder, Small Diameter Firing Pin, Bolt Lug, Bolt Tail, Interior BCG and Bolt Waist

Specification and Features:

  • Made of Coated Stainless Steel
  • Folds to Fit in a Pistol Grip
  • Compact Design
  • Performs 11 Functions

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