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AR Upper Vise Block

Trinity Force # MNCHM |  Item # 250-MNCHM
  • AR Upper Vise Block
  • AR Upper Vise Block
  • AR Upper Vise Block
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AR Upper Vise Block

Product Overview

Trinity Force now offers the AR15 Upper Vise Block. The AR15 Upper Vise Block is designed to be used on the AR15/M16 series of firearms for performing maintenance or assembly. The Trinity Force AR Upper Vise Block is constructed of a solvent resistant black polymer that is both durable and precisely molded to ensure a great fit on your AR platform upper receiver. To use, place the upper into one side of the AR Upper Vise Block and place the other side on top. While holding the AR Upper Vise Block and your firearm, you simply place the AR Upper Vise Block into a vise and tighten until it is secure. Be careful to not warp or crack the AR Upper Vise Block. Now you are ready to perform maintenance with ease.


The Trinity Force AR Upper Vise Block is durable and precisely molded black polymer. The Trinity Force AR Upper Vise Block fits all AR15/M16 style upper receivers. The AR Upper Vise Block can be used to perform all maintenance including barrel installation.

Specifications and Features:

  • Durable polymer material
  • Fits AR15/M16 series
  • Makes maintenance or a build simple and easy
  • Lifetime Warranty

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