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AR Lower Vise Block

Trinity Force # MNCQB |  Item # 250-MNCQB
  • AR Lower Vise Block
  • AR Lower Vise Block
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AR Lower Vise Block

Product Overview

Trinity Force now offers an AR Lower Vise Block for performing light maintenance on your AR style rifle. Trinity Force produces this block from black high strength polymer. The AR Lower Vise Block is placed into a vise and then and AR15 style rifle can be placed on it via the magazine well, just like inserting a magazine. It is not recommended that major maintenance be performed with the Trinity Force AR Lower Vise Block such as barrel replacement.


Trinity Force introduces the AR15 AR Lower Vise Block for use on AR-15s to perform maintenance. Trinity Force produced the AR Lower Vise Block from high density polymer to ensure durability and corrosion resistance.

Specifications and Features:

  • High Density Black Polymer
  • Durable design for light maintenance on AR15 platform
  • Lifetime Warranty

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